Pnc Bank Credit Card Review – Is It Worth It?

Banks love to offer credit cards to their customers. In this article, you will learn about PNC Bank, the banks’ credit card and what people are saying about it, and a conclusion about whether or not applying for and using the card is worth it.

PNC Bank, formally PNC Financial Service Group, Inc., has provided banking services for nearly 160 years. The company, while having extensive years of service with clients, doesn’t seem to have a ton of happy customers.

According to reviews, PNC Bank scored a 1.7 out of 5.00 rating, mainly with customers complaining about the customer service. Other customers complained that they felt as if they were lured in by promises of free checking but will “drain your bank account” with hidden fees and charges.

But with all that said, what are people saying about the bank’s credit card?

Like any other institution, PNC Bank offers different types of credit cards, but they all largely work the same.

The points credit card offers spenders about four points for every dollar that they spend with their credit card. These points can later be redeemed for cash or gift cards. These points don’t expire and you can stockpile them however long you want, there are no limits. This is also considerably high compared to what the competition offers.

Unfortunately, however, the redemption points that you need are rather high for the rewards. For example, you need 45,450 points to redeem a $100 Amazon gift card. That means that you’ll have to spend close to $11,500 to redeem this. While this is great for big spenders, it isn’t for those who simply keep their credit card for emergencies.

Similarly, the perks aren’t actually all that great in number with the PNC credit card. While the bank offers a year of interest-free purchasing and a year-long zero percent balance transfer offer, it does not offer a lot of travel and purchase benefits as other competitors do.

Depending on the credit card you apply for with the bank, as well as your credit score, the APR is about 11.24 percent on the low end to nearly 25 percent on the high end.

According to most PNC credit card customers, the perks of the points credit card as well as the cash back on purchases with the cash rewards Visa credit card aren’t really worth it. You have to purchase a ton of items to get any real pay-off, and the customer service and hidden fees are unforgiveable in the minds of current customers.

If you were thinking about applying for the PNC Bank Credit Card, you may be better off using a different company, especially if you like the rewards system for using your credit card. The consensus is, if you are a big spender, PNC Bank’s credit card would be perfect for you., but the everyday joe should find another company.

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