ABC Warehouse Credit Card Review

About the ABC Warehouse Credit Card

ABC Warehouse is a chain of retail stores, specializing in appliances and electronics in the USA. They offer the credit card facility to their customers, issued by Synchrony Bank. Electronics and home furnishing store ABC Warehouse has partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer credit card to its customers. The credit card not only comes with special financing option, but it also offers the cardholders a complete online solution. Cardholders can pay their shopping bills and get details of the transactions online.

Features and functions of the ABC Warehouse Credit Card

When cardholders apply for an ABC Warehouse Credit Card from Synchrony Bank, they could receive 6 months of special financing when they purchase at least $200. Customers should expect a revolving credit line to use again and again at ABC Warehouse locations. On top of that, customers will be rewarded as a cardholder with exclusive offers, convenience with payments every month on a flexible payment option and an attractive no annual fee attached.

When it comes to security of the ABC Warehouse credit card, all the information is guarded by encryption procedures. The card is highly secure and can be used only at the ABC Warehouse chain, which means that there is very little to no chance for security breach like theft or fraud.
Pros and Cons of the ABC Warehouse Credit Card

• No annual fee
• Flexible bill payment options.
• 6 months special financing on in-store purchases of $200.
• Dedicated card that can be used at ABC Warehouse
• Exclusive offers for cardholders
• Convenient payments every month
• Standard APRs for Purchases and Balance Transfers is 29.99%
• No balance transfer fee
• No introductory APR

• High interest APR of 29.99 percent on any purchase and is a surprising number.
• Not every person can afford an APR of almost 30 percent.
• It imposes costly penalties over late payments with the ABC Warehouse credit card that can be as much as $35.

Reviews for the ABC Warehouse Credit Card

It’s a reward card (4 stars):
Maybe a cardholder can earn rebates to be used at the ABC Warehouse favorite store, maybe he can get a discount on purchases, or maybe he can get to hunt in cash back offers. Whatever the reason, many people prefer to have an ABC Warehouse credit card in their wallets to ensure they have access to the best opportunities of the moment.

Pretty high in interest (3 stars):
The card is quite unclear with its rewards “exclusive to card members.” Giving the most unbiased information possible given the circumstance, this card stresses its ability to make payments more flexible. They do no credit check on their applicants, which could easily put it on top of the other Synchrony cards out there. Keep in mind that this card does have a pretty high interest APR of 29.99%.

A good shopper’s card (4 stars):
This store credit card packs a lot of punch; customers can frequently get a signup bonus. Most recently, one could get a statement credit after spending just some dollars on the first day having the card. Cardholders can also get few percent cash back on all of purchases. The store has just about everything in terms of home goods, furniture items, electronics, and lot more.

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