Credit Score Needed To Lease A Car

As reported by some of the top credit rating bureaus, the average credit score for persons applying to lease a new car was 722. This is a pretty good credit score, however, the credit score needed to lease a car is 680 and above, this is an above average credit score and would ensure that

Credit Score Required To Buy A House

The credit score required to buy a house is the first thing that lending institutions look for when looking to apply for a mortgage. This will determine if you qualify for the loan and if you do how much of a deposit you will be required to make and the type of mortgage you qualify

Ways To Check Your Credit Score For Free

Years ago there weren’t many ways to check your credit score for free, they were associated with limited time offers or trials which then had to be canceled in the future. However, this has all changed as various companies and lending institutions now offer this service without any real hassle. For the last fifteen years,

What Is Credit Risk Modelling?

Credit Risk Modelling is a process or processes used by financial institutions to determine and manage the risk of persons defaulting on loans and failing to make the necessary payments. They carry many titles which depends on the developer, type of loan they were developed for and role. Credit Risk Modelling has developed to a

How To Increase Your Credit Limit | Get The Facts!

Credit limit refers to the maximum amount of credit a financial association extends to a customer through a line of credit as well as the maximum amount a credit card company allows a borrower to spend on a single card. Lenders usually set credit limits based on information in the application of the person seeking

Credit Score Range & Scale – How Do You Measure Up?

Your credit score is the result of a mathematical algorithm used to evaluate a user’s past relationship with credit. This past relationship is known as a user’s credit history. The credit history and the credit score tend to predict a user’s future creditworthiness or rather, the likelihood that he will repay a loan, make his