Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR

It is impossible to find any credit cards with zero percent APR for an unlimited period or undefined set time. All credit cards carry an interest charge, it is just that some might offer an introductory zero percent on the APR which usually spans anywhere from 12 to 18 months and in very rare occasi

Bank Of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Review

The Bank Of America Cash Rewards Credit Card is hands down leading the way as it relates to its new introductory bonus offer, that has a very low spending limit to earn it. The card also has very intriguing cash back rates in various spending categories based on the card holders’ options. If B

Credit Cards With Cash Back Rewards

It is always thought that the credit cards with cash back rewards was the easiest way to earn rewards. Once a purchase is made the card holder can calculate the amount of points and the value of those points quite easily, thereby automatically determining the rewards earned from each individual purc

Discover It Cash Back Credit Card Review

The Discover It Cash Back Credit Card was designed for any individual that was seeking to have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of cash back rewards. In 2018 this card was ranked number one in customer satisfaction by the J.D. Power credit card satisfaction study. Benefits Of This Card C

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card Review

The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card was on the front line for offering cash back rewards on practically everything, at a rate of 1.5 percent. The credit card has a very simple redemption policy and charges relatively low and predetermined fees. Rewards Program Being the credit card

Credit Score Needed To Lease A Car

As reported by some of the top credit rating bureaus, the average credit score for persons applying to lease a new car was 722. This is a pretty good credit score, however, the credit score needed to lease a car is 680 and above, this is an above average credit score and would ensure that

Credit Score Required To Buy A House

The credit score required to buy a house is the first thing that lending institutions look for when looking to apply for a mortgage. This will determine if you qualify for the loan and if you do how much of a deposit you will be required to make and the type of mortgage you qualify

Union Bank Credit Card Review

Union Bank Credit Card was developed for individuals that currently have a credit score that is either good, very good or excellent, that means it should range between 680 and 850. This Visa credit card from Union Bank is all about the rewards, it offers the best of the cash back rewards programs an

Credit Cards With Zero Interest

At some point all credit cards charge interest on the balance carried forward, however there are credit cards with zero interest for a predetermined period. This usually ranges from 12 to about 18 months and allows the card holder to pay zero interest on balance transfers or on purchases or even bot

Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees

A variety of credit cards carry a surtax that is then imposed on the cardholder while they are making purchases while visiting places out side of the United States. If you are someone that travels quit frequently, this credit card will definitely impact you as this surtax is called the foreign trans